Trekking in Burangrang

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

“All this time, I’ve always thought that small mountain means easier hiking trail and less painful to trek, comparing with the huge one. Well, in some cases, it might be true. But when I trekked in Mount Burangrang, Bandung, West Java Province, that thought suddenly gone.

The mountain is only 2050 meter height above the sea level. It doesn’t take such a long hour to climb it up and down. Yet, its steep slope covered with mud and rocks, deep in the jungle, requires skill and determination.”

On a cloudy afternoon, two friends of mine, Gilang and Ramala, walked before me, through vegetable fields belonged to the local farmers. That day we were about to reach the start point of the hiking trail at Mount Burangrang. I had no idea what the trail was going to be like. My first impression of the mountain was since it was covered with lush pine forest, it should have been a nice trail to hike.

Since the area was administered by the army, we had to report our coming to an officer standing by at a post, built at the gate. From that gate, we began our trek at Mount Burangrang.

The first few minutes of the trek were quite enjoyable. We walked through the woods and smelled the scent of wet soil. The view we saw along the way was breathtaking.

The pine trees were gone from our sight as we walked higher. About forty minutes since we started the trek, we had to climb the long slippery steep slope. It was so challenging we had to use our hands to reach the higher ground, and it was drizzling.

It was a huge relief when we finally reached the flat ground. We stopped at a point where we could see Situ Lembang, an ancient lake, from the place we were standing. It was sad however that we couldn’t see it clearly as it was overcast.

We kept walking until we saw a group of people erect tents. It was a good sign as it meant that we were close to reach the summit. After walking for about two and a half hour, we reached the summit of Mount Burangrang.

A monument was erected to mark the altitude of the summit. The rain hadn’t stopped, so there was not much pictures I could take.

On the way back to the starting point, we had to walk through the same trail we had had before. And it was like a disaster as we had to climb down the even more slippery steep slope. I gave up for several times, and chose to slide down with my butt. And that caused my pants covered with mud and grass.

Totally, it took about four hours for us to go up and down the mountain. As we reached the starting point, we took a rest at nearby food stall and had hot tea to warm up our bodies.

That night, we erected a tent on an open camping ground, hoping to capture the star trail at night. Sadly, the stars didn’t show up as it was cloudy.

The following morning, I walked to the woods close to the camping ground to see the sunrise. It was a bit late for a sunrise, so I decided to just stay inside the woods. I found the place very moving.

After having breakfast, prepared by Ramala, we packed our stuffs and ready to go back to the city. On the way back, we paused for a moment at a point where we could take a picture of us with Mount Burangrang as the background. And that was how we ended this trip.

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