One Day at Resep Bunda

Sunday, June 26, 2011

It was somewhere in October 2010 when my friend text me a message, asking whether I could take pictures of foods for her upcoming book. There was a huge doubt in my head as I had never done it before. I hadn't been accustomed to using artificial light such as flash or lamp with its confusing tools.

It took me few weeks to say yes to the offer. I thought this was a good opportunity that hopefully would lead to another offer.

After several postponements, the day to shoot finally came. It was in Bandung, at Ruli's house. Ruli was the owner of "Resep Bunda," a medium catering enterprise that served healthy food for people with special need of diet.

Not only did I have to shoot the foods, but also the ingredients and the making of the foods. Totally, there were 15 different foods.

To know further about Resep Bunda, you can check the website at

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  1. Replies
    1. thanks! was really glad that finally the books were published.

  2. ajibb ommm...
    pk speed berapa tuh??
    LAmpu ape aja??

  3. speednya gue nggak afal euy... Lightingnya pake dua flash + diffuser...