New Year's Eve in Bogor

Saturday, April 09, 2011

The rain poured down in the afternoon, right when everyone got off from works. That meant trafic jam and got stuck on the street. But for those who celebrated Chinese New Year, that meant a good sign of fortune.

Most the time, we took pictures of Chinese
New Year in Jakarta. This year, the choice was falling on two Chinese temples in Bogor, about 60km away from Jakarta. There were eight of us departing from Plaza Semanggi, riding two cars to Bogor.

It was around midnight when we arrived at the first temple at Pulo Geulis. The only sign of celebration we found was the lanterns hanged in front of the temple. It was so silence we thought there was no one sa
id prayers inside.

There were three sacred tombs of ancestors who happened to be all Muslim worshiped by Chinese. people. I don't memorize the names, but they all were started with 'mbah' for sure.

Leaving the temple, we walked along a narrow street that led us to a bazaar, in where there was the biggest Chinese temple in Bogor. On our way, we met Tjoa Ang Tis.

Tjoa is a model maker, taking order from people who wanted to hold 'sembahyang arwah' for their families. He made the miniature of furnished houses, cars, etc. We kindly asked him to pose in front of an altar, built in honor of his parents and sister who had passed away.

At bazaar, I was amazed to find a crowd at two in the morning. Finally, we arrived at the temple. It was adorned with red lanterns and candles, creating an ambiance of fairy tales.

We spent nearly half an hour capturing the moment of new year's eve before heading back to Jakarta.

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