Two Days In Banyumas

Monday, January 03, 2011

A journey to the south.

According to history, Banyumas was one of Mataram Kingdom's three significant regions that supplied rice. The other two were Kedu and Magelang. Those three regions were then known as Dulangmas.
Spending a weekend getaway at my friend's hometown in Sumpiuh, Banyumas feels like evoking the glory of the past where agriculture colored the daily life of the people.
What follows are pictures taken within my two-day visit to Banyumas and its surroundings.

The sound of ducks breaks the silence of the morning.

My friend's house

Ever since I was a kid, I have been falling in love with train and the railways. There is a small station at Sumpiuh that only serves economic class passengers. Too bad, the old building is now gone, replaced by a new one. The only thing remains from the past is the house of station master which seems to be abandoned.

One way to capture the daily life of people at a certain place is by visiting the traditional market where you can see people from different walks of life interact.

Old Chinese shophouse at Sumpiuh.

It is a cloudy morning, and we are heading to Sokaraja. We stop for a while in front of an abandoned sugar factory at Kalibagor.

An abandoned old house belongs to the factory.

Chinese temple in Sokaraja. Here, we can have an old woman to tell our fortune.

On the way back to Sumpiuh, we climb a hill to visit a nursing home, run by a Catholic mission at Goa Maria Kaliori. Thanks to the head nun who is very kind as to let me talk with the senior citizents and of course take their pictures.

An old woman is so fond of insects and ants. She picks an ant from the nest, hold it in her arm and talk to it. At the end, she put it in her mouth.

Two old men are sitting on the same chair and not talking to each other.

On the following day, we head to the south in the morning and stop at a vast rice field. I am so excited to learn what people do on the rice field.

A woman coming with her grandson try to catch some fish for their lunch today.

A bridge connecting Cilacap and Kebumen.

Standing on a cliff, facing the Indian Ocean down there.

Goa Jatijajar

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